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How to maximize your winnings in the slots and not to lose everything to zero

Slot machines are something that many players are attracted to. Therefore, they diligently explore different tactics and approaches to maximize profits. In particular, you can always stay in the black if you know some specific approaches to the game in the slots. Let's see what you need to consider, so as not to stay with zero every time.


The RTP figure is an important aspect of bollywood slot play. This figure reflects how actively during the session the machine will return the money. For example, if a slot has an RTP of 99%, it will keep only 1% and give the rest. But this is visible only on long distances. The higher the RTP, the more active the slot will give, and therefore the player can enjoy the winnings (albeit small, but still). High RTP are figures in the region of 97% to 98%. Sometimes there are 99%, but these have to look for. If the slot gives less, it is better not to waste your nerves, and just give up on such slots. Although, if you are just a gambler and want to try your luck, you can play and the slots with a small payoff.

How do you know what the RTP of the slot? Yes, it's simple - each slot includes this in their rules. There spelled out the average RTP.


Another feature of getting big winnings is the use of freespins, as well as other accrued bonuses. No money is deducted during the free spins. This is given by the casino, and therefore all deductions are paid by the casino. Accordingly, there is a chance to get the money without unnecessary investment. But then they, however, will need to wagering.

Progressive jackpot

If you want to try out games with big bets, then you need to try out the progressive jackpot. In such slots, the fund is formed on the basis of deductions from bets, it can increase to infinity. The amounts are very high. There are even certain records, which are recorded in different record books.

If you want a slot where you can win big money, you can try exactly slots with a progressive jackpot. It is worth remembering that you can win in any slot, but you should always pay attention to the consequences. After all, some slots give away almost nothing at all.